The dubut album of Pinemoon is set to be released on Friday the 29th of January 2021 on LIVE TALENT Records. The Melancholic and nostalgic sound creates a frame around an existential theme about the feeling of confusion and disappointment when a firm worldview diminishes and changes the reality of life.

The melancholy flows in the melodic and evocative shoegaze that Copenhagen based Pinemoon brings on their debut album, “Miracle”, that will be released on the 29th of January 2021 on the German record label LIVE TALENT Records. Pinemoon draws on the energy of indie rock and are not afraid of letting the songs take their time to develop into dreamy arrangements that bring Slowdive, Pale Saints and even the cult series of David Lynch, Twin Peaks, to mind. In spite of mentioned references, Pinemoon still manages to find their very own and unique sound.

Pinemoon is a constellation of experienced musicians, who have been playing together for 20 years in different musical projects, and therefore their live concerts are characterized by intimacy and energy.

The debut album entitled ‚Miracle’ is recorded live on tape and mixed analog, which gives a warm, nostalgic sound and ensures that the music will emerge real and tastefully stylish.

The melancholic and nostalgic foundation is not only a musical tone, but it is also inextricably linked to the existential theme of the album. The members of Pinemoon are raised in strong christian environments, where the confident belief in divine interventions in life crises and bad situations didn’t leave much space for doubting. The theme of the album circles around the feeling of confusion and disappointment when a firm belief and anchored worldview meets the reality of life.

The theme song, “Miracle”, can therefore be interpreted as a critical reflection on where the members of Pinemoon comes from, while songs like “Long Dive” holds a hope of finding rest and reconcile with a difficulty, where everything seems different from what you’ve been told. The melody-driven song ‚Sinister‘ has been picked as focus track along with a unique ambition video and will be promoted on radios around the globe. 

Pinemoon’s debut album is set to be released on vinyl and all digital music services on Friday the 29th of January 2021.